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My name is Ryan. I became interested in photography around 1978 when my Dad was teaching at Mississippi State University in the physiology and immunology department. His main research was on the Bursa which he discovered, but that’s leading into a whole different story. He would use an electron scanning microscope to view his research and take pictures that looked like something out of a science fiction movie. They were so great that he started to teach me how to use the scope and take pictures. That sparked my interest and I began to shoot photos and develop my own black and white prints.

During my high school years I worked as chief photographer for the school newspaper and the yearbook staff, and also for Mississippi State as a freelancer in the photo-journalism department. We would shoot special events, football, basketball and baseball games for University publication. During this time, the local newspaper published many of my photos for their human interest stories.

I decided to further my photography passion by attending The Art Institute of Atlanta in 1981 where I continued to hone my skills and develop new ones.

After graduating from AIA in 1983, I accepted a job back at MSU as a teacher in the Architecture department where my job was to teach the students how to take pictures of their works, from models to drawings, for their portfolios. I also taught how to develop and print, along with the history of photography. I was involved with creating marketing material for the school and any public relations literature that was needed.

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With my photography skills and my interest in music, I would go to as many concerts as possible to shoot them. That got me into the music business where I designed a few album covers (you remember those round black discs with grooves) for a few local artists. I spent the next several years on the road with a band as a sound engineer by night and photographer by day.

From 1988 to 2005 I managed a Live Sound Reinforcement company in Longwood, Florida where I have educated myself on computers and developing websites using my knowledge of graphic arts and photography. I’m also staff photographer at a martial arts studio, where I designed and keep up their website along with putting out bi-monthly newsletters and publications for marketing.

In 2005 decided to open up Through My Eyes Photography and specialize in pet photography with an emphasis in equestrian. A horse can teach you more in a day than if you were sitting in a classroom. They have a special way of letting you know what is and what is not real.

My goal is to find individuals and families that would appreciate “fine art” family portraits which can include their beloved pets of all kinds.

If you like my short bio, please feel free to drop me an email or call for a consultation. At Through My Eyes Photography, my eyes are yours. I can capture that perfect moment or occasion!

REMEMBER…….. It’s all about the vision and the art of photography!!