The Investment

"Ready, set, bow wow, meow meow, nay nay lets take a photo".

The way the session will go

I don't put a time limit on the session, because your fury family member

has no sense of time. I spend the first part of the session getting to know your friend or friends.

Expect to see the images in 5 business days.

You will be sent a personalized web address to view and share.

Within that page will be at least 30 images but most of the time more.

Then you will pick your favorite images, the quantity will depend on the packages listed below.

You can also click here to see the different products we carry

pony fun
I've got you

$125 Investment

This package includes 5 images of your choice, detailed to perfection.

A custom web gallery to view and share with your family and friends.

You will get a copy right release to print the images up to 8x10.

If you want any of the 5 images to use for social media let us know.

Any size over 8x10 will need to be purchased thru us.

We offer large prints, canvas mounts, metal prints, acrylic and many more.

Most people spend $500 or more for product.


$500 Investment

This package includes everything from the $125 but with an added 25 images.

You also get a copyright release to print any size or type of print you choose,

A sit down showing of the images in your home to see what size prints will work in a specific room.

Along with that you get to pick any photo to have a canvas print, size up to 20x20.

Click this link and be taken to our line of prints and other cool stuff for your furry friend or family member.